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Highland Blended Learning Offerings 2021-2022

Throughout the past five years several members of Highland Secondary’s teaching staff implemented blended learning instructional methods in their classrooms.

The Highland definition of blended learning is:
The student learns at least in part through online learning with some element of student control over time, place, path and/or place with an integrated connection between the online and face to face learning platforms.
As part of Highland Secondary’s 2021-2022 course offerings five courses will be offered in a blended learning model:
-Genocide Studies 12
-20th Century World History
-Human Geography
-12 English Studies 12
-Pre-Calculus 11
Blended learning sections provide the same curriculum and same assessments with the integration of an online aspect. This provides students opportunities to learn at their own pace, review materials as needed while allowing flexible attendance one day a week. As well it provides teaching staff the ability to provide one on one support, topic specific materials and support with assessments.

Parents and guardians will have access at home to course curriculum to provide support for their child at home.

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