International Exchanges

Highland ​​​​Germany Exchange


Ulm, Germany

Are you interested in participating in a fun, exciting and memorable 2.5 week long adventure next October and Spring Break? Through an exchange with students from St. Hildegard School you can immerse yourself right into life in Germany and build friendships for years to come. Our guests will travel to the Comox Valley for the last half of October 2020. We will host our German buddies for 2 weeks and showcase the Comox Valley and Vancouver Island. Over Spring Break 2021, we will travel with Highland to Ulm, Germany. You will stay in this historic city with your host student, sharing in family and school activities, all while visiting local sites and popular destinations. 

There will be a parent information meeting on Wednesday February 12 at 5:00 pm in room 225. For more information, you can contact:

Ms. Darlington or

Mr.  McRae


The cost to participate is estimated at $3500 to $3800, with prices varying up or down based on crucial core costs such as flight prices, hotel and train travel to an “add-on” city during our European visit, and expenses or our hosting field trips and expenses.  At family and participant interest, there may be some fundraising opportunities to help offset a small portion of the overall trip fee.


​Passports and documentation.....yes you need this
You will need a passport that will not expire within six (6) months of the trip.

You will also fill in detailed permission slips, a parent consent form which will need to be notarized, a medical form and a standard letter giving Ms. Darlington permission to take you on international travel.

If your parents are divorced / separated you must make sure BOTH sets of parents fill out all of these documents.​


Applications are now being accepted.  CLICK HERE TO APPLY​. Parents of successful applicants, please go to the link below and complete the Homestay Application ​
Please Cont​act Ms. Darlington for more information by email: