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Team of the Year
The Highland 'Team of the Year' recognizes excellence and improvement by the student athletes in a team environment. The team must display a high degree of good sportsmanship and fair play during both game time and in the community.

Welcome to the Home page for Highland Athletics for the 2019-20 school year.  We are looking forward to another active season of Raiders competition and participation this year.  

2019/2020 Teams, Coaches and Contact Information

​GRADE 8 GIRLS VOLLEYBALL   Sr. Students/Sarah MacDonald
​JR.BOYS VOLLEYBALL    Brian McAskill/Ian MacLean
​SR. BOYS VOLLEYBALL Brian McAskill/Ian MacLean
​SR. GIRLS VOLLEYBALL  Pib Jasbec & Jaki Braidwood
​JR. BOYS SOCCER  Dillon McRae
​SR.BOYS SOCCER   Dillon McRae
​CROSS COUNTRY   Becky Sulek​
​AQUATICS ​​District Program/Stephanie Baker


​GRADE 8 BOYS BASKETBALL Ryan Blaak/Dean Patterson
​GRADE 8 GIRLS BASKETBALL Jim Parsons/Dillon McRae
​JR. BOYS BASKETBALL​ ​Trevor Finstad/Don McRae
​JR. GIRLS BASKETBALL ​Brian Stevens/James Warren
​WRESTLING ​District Program ​​​


​​MOUNTAIN BIKE TEAM ​Dean Patterson/Jana Buckle/Rich Swanson
​TRACK AND FIELD ​Jacques Nijhoff/Geoff Gummer
​JR. BOYS RUGBY ​Colin Tinga ​​​
​SR. BOYS RUGBY​ ​Colin Tinga ​​​​


The Coaches Handbook has been updated and is posted below. Other attachments will be added as coaches and organizers provide them. Inquiries can be emailed to the Athletics Director, Colin Tinga

Parents and community members interested in coaching or supporting a Raiders Team can also contact him, and help is always appreciated.​

Checklist for Coaches

The multitude of forms and requirements for athletic trips can be confusing so here is a checklist of requirements for the different forms of athletic trips.  We would appreciate receiving the forms a day or two before departure, but we do understand the chaos of organizing teenage athletes and the time it takes to complete the necessary forms. 

 Please note the Criminal Record Checks can take up to 2 weeks to complete but they are valid for 5 years once completed.  All driver's license and insurance papers need to be resubmitted with they are renewed.

Requirements for all coaches

  • Criminal Record Check (necessary for all coaches who are not employees of School District #71).  Please see Lucianne in the office to complete the form.

Standard One Day Trip

    • The following forms need to be completed and approved by an administrator prior to departure:
      • Field Trip Checklist
      • Student Travel Request form and Safety Sensitive
      • Field Trip Consent - Normal Safety Level
    • List of Students submitted by email to
    • All volunteer drivers need to complete the Volunteer Driver Form

Out of Province/Country Travel

    • Please speak with Admin and/or Athletic Director concerning the process.
    • Request, Approval for Out of Province Travel Form
    • Field Trip Checklist
    • Student Travel Request form and Safety-sensitive
    • List of Students submitted by email to
    • All volunteer drivers need to complete the Volunteer Driver Form
    • All chaperones need to complete a Criminal Record Check.

High Risk Activities

    • Higher Care Outing Form, Field Trip Consent
    • Please consult with Admin and the Athletic Director if you have a group participating in a high risk outing.
    • Student Travel Request form
    • List of Students submitted by email to
    • All volunteer drivers need to complete the Volunteer Driver Form
    • If away overnight: all chaperones need to complete a  Criminal Record Check.

**Note – If you have completed a Criminal Records Check in the past 5 years you can apply to share that with Highland Secondary. Please see Lucianne in the office to complete this form.

2019-2020 Basketball schedule - All Teams