PAC » Constitution


The name of the council is " Highland Parents Advisory Council".

2. Purpose of the council is to support and promote the involvement of parents in the education of their children.

3. The council will endeavor to achieve this purpose:

  • Advising parents about school and services.
  • Involving parents in school programs and services.
  • Making recommendations to the principal, volunteer programs and services.
  • Organizing, in conjunction with the principal, volunteer programs and activities which support the school.
  • Working with the principal, staff, parents, and community organization to provide a healthy, safe and supportive environments.
  • Sharing information with parents to provide educational opportunities for their children
  • Providing a forum for the educational programs and service.
  • Promoting a spirit of tolerance and cooperation within the school community.
  • Making sure that concerns regarding specific personalities are not discussed during meetings of the council, but that appropriate resources and assistance be made available to parents with those concerns.


​​​​​4. Membership

  • A parent of a student attending the school is a member of the council unless the parents indicates otherwise in writing to the secretary of the council.
  • A parents means, in accordance with Section 1 of the School Act, the guardian or the parent of a student, the person legally entitled to custody of a student, or the person who usually has the care and control of a student attending the school.
  • The principal shall be a non-voting member of the council.


5. Responsibilities of Members


  • Attending council meetings when possible.
  • Promoting positive attitudes about the school and its educational programs and services.
  • Actively helping the council to achieve its purposes and objections.


6. Responsibilities of the Principal


  • Facilitate the organization and operation of the council.
  • Encourage the participation of parents in the council.
  • Assist in the development of council objectives.
  • Provide, to the council, information contained in the annual report on the general effectiveness of educational programs in the school.
  • Attend council meetings or designate another staff member to attend.


​7. Meetings


  • The chairperson shall call regular meetings of the council.
  • Following consultation with the Principal, the calendar of regular meetings for the school year shall be set at the first regular meetings of the council in the school year and shall be sent to all parents, the principal and the Secretary-Treasurer of the Board.
  • Special meetings shall be called by the chair.
  • Special meetings shall be called by the secretary at the written request of three (3) members after consultation with the principal. The written request shall contain the reasons for the meetings and only that business maybe dealt with at the special meeting.
  • The notice of regular meetings contained in the calendar shall serve as notice to all members of all regular meetings of the council.
  • The notice of a special meetings shall be provided to all parents and the principal at least five days prior to a special meeting except in the case of urgency as determined by the chairperson and shall contain a statement of the general nature of the business to be dealt with at the special meeting.
  • The inadvertent omission to give notice of a meeting or the failure to receive a notice by a parent does not invalidate the proceeding at the meeting.​
  • At the October meeting each year members may nominate candidates or put their names forward for positions on the PAC Executive. Elections for Executive positions to be held at the November meeting.